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Anupama Deanne Kallman - Reiki, TAT and Whole Body Energy Balancing

Anupama Deanne Kallman

Anupama Deanne Kallman, BA, ART, ECE, TAT, Reiki, Energy Medicine (Earth Energy Medicine)

Deanne has over 40 years experience in meditation, including 8 trips to India. She also has taught young children and trained students in early childhood education for over 20 years, as well as work with the elderly. She is presently offering individual healing sessions at Luminescence.

Deanne (Anupama) has enjoyed offering individual healing sessions (reiki, distance reiki, TAT, and Earth Energy Medicine since 2005. 

Healing Sessions offered by Anupama:


Tapas Acupressure Technique "TAT" is a simple self-healing tool.

It combines the client lightly holding a few acupressure points on the front and the back of the head.  The “TAT pose,” while they gently focus their attention on an issue and a series of freeing and empowering statements, “the Steps of TAT.”  With this technique you may significantly and quickly improve many aspects of your life.

Some issues “TAT” can help with include:  Pain, trauma and stress, negative beliefs, allergies, illness, anxiety, lasting weight loss, depression, grief and loss, pre and post operation issues, and breaking bad habits.

TAT also helps elicit positive life outcomes such as; prosperity, creativity, happiness and creating a joyful lifestyle.   Classes and individual treatments available. 

Earth Energy Medicine

Deeply relaxing, Earth Energy Medicine is a form of hands-on-healing.  Healing energy is channeled to balance body, mind and emotions.  Energizing subtle body energies where there are blockages helps relieve stress, pain and health problems.   Just like a stream, when your body has the energy and flow it needs it can heal itself and blossom.  Energy balancing helps restore your body’s natural flow of energy and provides inner peace.

Sessions help balance and energize problem areas in the body’s energy systems.  It soothes the nervous system, rewires the adrenals, balances the chakras, provides a lymphatic flush, strengthens immune system, balances the digestive system, and achieves a state of deep relaxation.    This will allow the client to feel rejuvenated, happy and healthy.


Anupama offers traditional Reiki incorporating crystals and sound healing for a deeply relaxing session.   Reiki clears the body and spirit of energy blocks  and is also beneficial for restoring vital energy.

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In light and love.